The Incient Roots Natural Care product line is made with so much love and intention that we can’t help but request a testimonial about your experience! The entire line was created as a result of the need for relief from personal skin and scalp issues. These testimonials are extremely helpful for those who are seeking alternative products but are concerned about consistency and quality (both of which we stand by). Take a moment out of your divine time to share your experience with The Incient Roots Natural Care product line.

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Always Satisfied

I am an artist, author, and model, and find myself in front of a camera quite often. I am always in the market for quality products that are vegan and local (I am in Atlanta). The Incient Roots Natual Care product line has been such a beautiful addition to my life. I started out with the shea butters that are always rich and creamy and last a long time on the shelf; I then, moved into working with the Yoni Blessing Feminine Wash as a part of my spiritual practice of bonding with my womb to open myself up for manifestation. The product line is a saving grace for me and I am so grateful to have Sistah Dee as a trusted friend and adviser.

Shanti Gumbo

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